What You Need to Know About the PTA Take Your Family to School Week Toolkit

National PTA has developed a wide range of turn-key tools to help ALL schools host successful events during Take Your Family to School Week, February 17-21, 2014.

Available at PTA.org/TYFTSW, the toolkit has several distinct components:

  • Comprehensive Leader’s Guide to help guide schools and PTAs throughout the entire planning process
  • “Supporting Student Success” workshop presentation template
  • Event Guides that PTAs and schools can use to engage families and support student success in math and literacy, bullying prevention, arts in education and cultural diversity;
  • Template promotion tools to drum up support and attendance for your events;
  • Take-home materials for parents; and
  • Four themed posters for year-round display.

Plus, all materials will be available in Spanish in January 2014.

Now that you know what to expect, let’s take a closer look at the toolkit:

2014 TYFTSW Leader's Guide_FINAL 1Leadership Tools

The Take Your Family to School Week Guide is the first stop for all school leaders looking to organize Take Your Family to School Week events. This guide will take you through, step-by-step, how to plan, manage and implement Take Your Family to School Week events.  You will find tips for recruiting your team, planning your events, gathering resources, and promoting your activities so all families can benefit! 

Event Guides

 Coverpage from TYFTSW_Guide_StudentSuccess_FINAL Coverpage from TYFTSW_Guide_LiteracyandMath_FINAL CoverPage from TYFTSW_Guide_BullyPrevention_FINAL

PTA offers six guides to help parents plan and implement activities and events to support student success. Guides are available in the following areas:

  • Literacy and Math
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Reflections Celebration
  • Creative Career Fair
  • Multicultural
  • Supporting Student Success Workshop

Promotional Tools

You can help spread the word about your Take Your Family to School Week activities with these great tools!

2014 TYFTSW Poster_Non.Editable_FINALTake Your Family to School Week Poster:

  • Customizable for each event with date, time, location
  • Shrinks to standard 8”x11” paper

Additional Customizable Promotional Tools:

  • Invitation letter to families;
  • Donation request letter;
  • Proclamation;
  • Media advisory;
  • News release;
  • Photo release;
  • Social media messaging; and
  • Morning announcements

Four Themed Posters

 2013 TeacherTips TYFTSW Poster30  2013 HealthyLifestyles TYFTSW Poster30

These posters will be available in the Back-to-School Kit next summer! In the meantime, you can access them first during Take Your Family to School Week. Look for posters with tips on:

  • Engaging families at school;
  • Leading healthier lifestyles with energy balance;
  • Preventing bullying and promoting healthy school climates; and
  • Recruiting participants for Reflections theme, “The world would be a better place if…”


Upcoming Webinars

National PTA will also host two upcoming webinars with more details on the toolkit. Click on a date below to register:

For more information on Take Your Family to School Week and the Toolkit, visit PTA.org/TYFTSW.  Have questions? Send us an email programs@pta.org or call (800)307-4782.

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