Local PTA Kicks Off School Year with Fun Surprise

We recently received word from Rena Perchinske of the Royalview Elementary School PTA in Willowick, Ohio about a fun and unexpected PTA school year kick-off meeting.

Rena writes, “A crazy idea at a breakfast board meeting and committee members came up one day. How about do a Flash Mob for our first meeting? Well, when you have a bunch a women who get along very well, a principal and vice principal who are behind us, anything can happen! We had the biggest turn out ever at our meeting last night. We had over 60-70 people there!”

Check it out! And let us know in the comments what your PTA is up to!


  1. Jennifer Polunus says:

    Royalview Rocks!!

  2. Nina Transky says:

    How awesome!!! This is one cool PTA…way to go!

  3. Marivel Rodarte says:

    LOVE!!! This is a great way to show how fun PTA is and how meetings don’t have to be so boring!

  4. Kris Vaughn says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. What a great message to those who took the time to attend and to show them we aren’t all about budget amendments and approving minutes!! Have a great year.

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