Top 6 Ways to Fundraise for Your PTA

PayPal_blog1. Throw Themed Event  — Increase parent and student involvement in activities by planning creative activities events. If you have a PTA board, assign a chairperson to each event during the school year to split responsibilities. Plan fun events/activities, charge admission, and provide food. Be sure to offer online registration and sponsorship options to capture more participants. Events ideas include

  • Halloween Festival: Set up booths for mask making in the school gym, make ghoulish foods and punch, play music and perhaps play a scary movie.
  • Walk-A-Thon/Fun Runs: Stay healthy and help fundraise at the same time! Set a $75 fundraising goal for each student, and have students raise funds online from family and friends.

2.  Seasonal, Annual, and Year-Round Fundraiser Drives: Offer Prizes for Most Money Raised – Plan different types of fundraisers for each category to keep parents engaged. Hold a Direct Donation drive annually or seasonally. Get the Principal involved, or offer the class that raises the most funds to dump a bucket of ice on their favorite teacher!

3. Restaurant Takeovers – Partner with a local or chain restaurant that offers fundraising opportunities. You can hold a family night out at a restaurant, publicize the event on school social media/websites, provide signage, and hand out vouchers.  Your PTA can earn 10%-20% of the proceeds, which will be donated back to your PTA. This provides quality family time, PTA bonding, an easy way to give back to the kids, and is a win-win for you and the restaurant! You can even hold a double whammy: Hold a field trip for the kids, then end the trip with lunch/dinner at a host restaurant. Here’s a list of chain restaurants that offer school fundraising opportunities.  You can also partner with local businesses (i.e. tshirt printing businesses, nurseries, private children clothing stores) to promote their business with your PTA, and in return you will return 10%-20% of the proceeds sent from the PTA!

4. Offer Sponsorship Levels or Membership  Packages – Each PTA collects memberships, but offering sponsorship packages ranging between $100-$500 that includes items such as local business coupons, a PTA mug, a child’s shirt, and a couple event tickets will pay off! Provide more incentives by recognizing sponsors on websites and at schools.

5. Art Contest + Spirit Gear — Hold a drawing/painting contest amongst the students. The winning artwork can be featured on mugs and posters, and be sold as a fundraiser. Selling Spirit Wear online (t-shirts, hoodie sweatshirts, branded school supplies) can also bring in thousands of dollars if designed well!

6. Make it easy for donors and sponsors to give money online.
Leverage digital tools to help organize and conduct campaigns, and provide a convenient way for Auntie Josephine to be able to donate with her credit card. For instance, the National PTA has partnered with the PayPal for Schools solution to offer online donation, fundraiser, and registration platforms and links to be easily emailed or posted on social media. And Auntie can donate at any time, any day while watching TV 500 miles away.

Liz Nguyen is a guest blogger from PayPal, and manages the PayPal for Schools solution. She has helped hundreds of PTAs, schools and nonprofits build online fundraisers and payment solutions to raise money for education advancement. PayPal provides an easy way to collect your PTA funds online. Take advantage of special school rates and specials by visiting or emailing


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