The NEW Our Children Has Something for Everyone

OC_OctNov2013 Cover Have you checked out the NEW Our Children magazine?

If you haven’t, you are in for a wonderful surprise. More pages. Bigger names. Better features. More engaging and informative news you can use. National PTA has refocused the magazine to cover topics of interest to PTA leaders and members.

In the new October/November issue, Modern Family star Julie Bowen graces the cover, opening up about her son’s battle with anaphylaxis. Calling the severe, life-threatening allergic reaction resulting from exposure to allergens “a mother’s worst nightmare,” Bowen is pushing for national awareness, and praises National PTA’s campaign aimed at ensuring that schools are up to speed on how to diagnose and treat the condition.

Working with Pfizer, National PTA has been on the forefront pushing for proper anaphylaxis care in school, as well as preventative steps that should be taken to lessen the likelihood of an attack. In this issue of Our Children, we send out a call-to-action for our more than four million members to question school administrators about anaphylaxis care and prevention at their school.

Also in this issue, National PTA unveils its partnership with the NFL aimed at youth sports safety. A cornerstone to the partnership is the PTA-led Back-to-Sports nights to discuss concussion prevention, hydration techniques and proper sports mechanics.

And if that wasn’t enough, learn about National PTA’s new Fire Up Your Feet initiative; take part in a discussion on whether or not safe rooms in school are practical, and learn why the PTA members need to advocate to continue recess at school.

If it’s about educational success of all children, it’s in Our Children.


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