The Lysol Healthy Habits Bus Hits the Road!

National PTA is a proud supporter of the Healthy Habits Bus Tour, which will visit schools nationwide.


We are excited that the National PTA is a proud supporter of the Healthy Habits Program, presented by Lysol in collaboration with the NEA and PTA. The program is focused on providing families and classrooms with the resources and tools they need to help live healthy, happy lives. The Healthy Habits Program provides teachers, parents and children with lesson plans, activity guides and a science museum on wheels – the Healthy Habits Bus, a first-ever educational bus that helps make germs more understandable and real. It’s important to reduce absenteeism in schools due to illness, so we strive to educate children on what they can do to help stop the spread of germs and stay healthy inside and outside of school.

Healthy Habits Bus InteractionBeginning in June and running through October of this year, the Lysol Healthy Habits Bus will tour schools and retailers across the country, spreading news on the importance of healthy habits and good hygiene practices. The bus offers a series of features that show children how thorough hand washing and healthy habits can help keep them healthy:

  • Clean Hands Germs Scan: Children will place their hands in the Hand Scanner and see their hands projected onto a screen in front of them with animated “germs” wriggling all over them! A video then teaches the proper way to clean hands and kill germs.
  • Anatomy of the Sneeze: An animated nose on a screen sneezes – accompanied by a burst of air so children feel like they have been sneezed on. They then see themselves surrounded by animated “germs,” simulating how sneezes spread germs around a small area.
  • When to Wash: A touchscreen game shows a class in progress. Children tap the students who need to wash their hands. Correct answers get a reward; missed chances prompt videos that explain how germs spread when hands aren’t washed.
  • Defeat the Germs!: In this KinectTM –styleaugmented reality game, students use disinfecting wipes with the goal of preventing germs from getting past them.

We have also developed the Lysol Healthy Habits contest, where you can enter your school for a chance to win one of three school grants valued at $15,000, $5,000 and $1,000, a year’s supply of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, a Healthy Habits Day Celebration and a visit from the Healthy Habits Bus.  Please visit to learn more about the Healthy Habits Bus, and visit for details and information about how to enter the Healthy Habits Contest!

We hope you to see you soon!

Conor O’Brien is the Marketing Director at Lysol. He drives Lysol’s Mission for Health campaign, a program focused on educating communities across the country on the importance of healthy habits and good hygiene practices.


  1. Pat Bernard says:

    How do you find out details about The Healthy Habits Bus Tour? I have gone to the Lysol Healthy Habits website and can’t seem to find any information?

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