National PTA President’s Update: The State of the Association

You can tell when school is ready to start . . . There is excitement in the air. Parent leaders and school staff are working hard to make sure our students return to an exciting environment.

Preparation comes with quality training, and to that end I want to share my personal excitement over this weekend’s National PTA State Presidents Training and All Committees Weekend. Our staff and volunteers planned a tremendous event, and great things are happening throughout the association as a result! Membership is strong and interest is growing in ways PTA can help a more diverse group of parents and other caregivers, families and communities support those who need it the most: Our children!

In addition to a great training event, the National PTA Board of Directors moved forward in supporting a solid financial business decision. As you may know, 113 years ago PTA was founded and chartered in Washington DC; in the 1930’s the association relocated to Chicago; a central hub for the railroad industry. Several years ago PTA outgrew its building in downtown and has since been working from leased property. From the day PTA sold its building, PTA has been working to find our association a new home.

Last week our Board voted unanimously to purchase a property in the Washington DC area . . . So we’re moving back home! In making this move, PTA will be able to have an appreciable asset for our association, we’ll be in the city that houses the most non-profits in the nation, and we’ll be better positioned to continue being the premier parent association in the country on Capitol Hill.

These opportunities will allow PTA to grow our leadership and service capabilities, thus making us more attractive to a wider array of prospective donors. I hope you share in our excitement!

Thanks for your time and support.

Until next time.