Life360 Location Sharing Saved My Injured Son

Our guest blogger David has been a Life360 member for the past two years. Here, he shares how he used the family safety app when their outdoorsy summer vacation took an unexpected turn.

I wanted to take my kids on one last summer adventure before the new school year began. We woke everyone up early in the morning, packed the car, and drove three hours north to a town with a popular ATV park. My wife and I both grew up ATVing, and enjoyed sharing it with our two sons over the years. This particular park was our favorite — an old rock quarry with over 1,000 acres of forested areas and sand dunes.

After we’d ridden for half the day, I stopped to help my youngest son with his dirt bike. That’s when my eldest son decided to take a solo ride.

After 30 minutes passed and he didn’t return, we started to worry. We checked Life360 and saw that he wasn’t moving and we became extremely concerned.

Life360 pinpointed my son’s location in a large green area on the map and I knew he was somewhere in the forest. I jumped back on my ATV and headed towards him using the Life360 map to guide me. After about 2 miles over multiple rivers and through steep valleys, I finally reached him. He had crashed into a tree and been launched into a nearby ravine.

He was disoriented from the crash and his knee was dislocated, so he couldn’t walk. If it hadn’t been for Life360, we would have had to hire a search party and comb through 1,000 acres.

My family downloaded Life360 a couple years ago after my brother suggested it to me — and we’ll never take it off of our phones. Since we live in a rural area, our kids often arrive home before my wife and I are finished commuting. We love the security of knowing that they’ve arrived safely. And in those moments when every second counts, Life360 has always been there for us.

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How Life360 Crash Detection Helped Save Our Boys

On Wednesday, April 4, 2018, my two sons, ages 16 and 13, were driving on the freeway and collided with another car. The car veered off the road, down an embankment, hit a tree and flipped over.

Every parent’s nightmare.

I’m a therapist and never look at my phone during a patient session, but it kept buzzing. I knew something was wrong as soon as my receptionist knocked on my door.

Fortunately, we have a Life360 membership with Crash Detection. The sensors had detected a collision and immediately, a Life360 representative contacted both my wife and me. Even though I couldn’t be reached right away, they’d already dispatched emergency services.

I immediately left the office and my wife and I used Life360 to direct us to the exact scene of the accident. When we arrived, the police and ambulance were already there – and thankfully, the boys didn’t have a single scratch on them. We feel very, very blessed.

It was a day that could have gone much differently, but thanks to Life360 Crash Detection and first responders, it didn’t.

We have four kids, which you can imagine gets pretty hectic. From helping keep my family coordinated on a daily basis to knowing that my kids are safe (and vice versa), Life360 has truly changed our lives



Ryan Darrow is a Life360 member, husband, and father of four. Here, he shares how Life360 Crash Detection helped protect his teen sons as driver and passenger when every second counted. Crash Detection is available for free at