Reflections: A Gallery of 2014-2015 Student Art

Since 1969, the PTA Reflections program has encouraged students across the nation and in American schools overseas to explore their creativity. Each year, students in preschool through high school are invited to create and submit works of art in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and the visual arts. In the 2014-2015 school year, Reflections students shared their artistic interpretations on the theme “The World Would Be a Better Place If…

National PTA Reflections submissions are reviewed by experts in the visual, literary and performing arts. Judges look for personal interpretation on the program theme that best exemplify creativity and technical skill. We are proud to share with you this year’s award winning works of art and invite you to join us at future exhibitions.

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Dance Choreography

Outstanding Interpretation in Dance Choreography –
“The World Would Be a Better Place If everyone Was True to Themselves” by Madison Duellman

When [my friends and I] heard the song “Try” by Colbie Caillat, I was inspired to create a dance about being yourself and not trying to be something you are not. We all feel that if we could dress, look, and be ourselves, we would be happier and if everyone did that, the world would be a better place.” – Madison Duellman

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Film Production

Outstanding Interpretation in Film Production –
“Masks” by Jacqueline Fashimpaur

I always noticed that people act differently around others then they do in private. Even Ida Shel Silverstein wrote a poem comparing this phenomenon to wearing masks, and I thought it was a great metaphor. This film shows how “wearing a mask” can lead people to be isolated and lonely. I think that if people felt free to be themselves, there would be more friendship and understanding between people, and the world would be a better place. Hopefully this film inspires some change in that direction.” – Jacqueline Fashimpaur

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Outstanding Interpretation in Literature –
“The World Would Be a Better Place…” by Sarah Murphy

Poem“The world would be better if hatred, jealousy, war, and disease were eliminated. Focusing on the negative makes life harder. The world has flaws and sadness but we must also see the good to appreciate what we have. I used alliteration in the beginning to show anger and agitation when talking about the “bad” things. The second part has no alliteration to convey accepting the good with the bad. The spacing emphasizes the meaning. The “negatives” are on the left side, the contrasting feelings are on the right. The conclusion is in the middle to combine the two.” – Sarah Murphy

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Music Composition

Outstanding Interpretation in Music Composition –
“It’d Be Better” by Fritz Hager

This song [It’d be Better] focuses on the greed that is in the world. My song states that the world would be a better place if we all gave more than we received, and showed love through our giving.” – Fritz Hager

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Outstanding Interpretation in Photography –
“Determination” by Cesily Covey

My artwork illustrates my belief that everyone should receive an equal opportunity and equal exposure to the culture around us. Regardless of where we come from, we all come from one planet and that everyone deserves equal access to education and global culture so we can all unite not under the name of a country, but under Earth.” – Cesily Covey

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Visual Arts

Outstanding Interpretation in Visual Arts –
“Unity” by Catherine Park

My artwork illustrates my belief that everyone should receive an equal opportunity and equal exposure to the culture around us. Regardless of where we come from, we all come from one planet and that everyone deserves equal access to education and global culture so we can all unite not under the name of a country, but under Earth.” – Catherine Park

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Special Artist

Outstanding Interpretation in Special Artist Division –
“Everything Will be Ok I’ll Just Stay” by Maria Quiles

Giving someone a hurtful nickname, making fun of their medical conditions, claiming you’re their true friends and during all this feeling like not even family cares. Having it lead you fell as well, there is no other choice, suicide is the only possible answer for all this to just end. To ignore these problems, bullies, and this non-stop hurtful pain deep inside. Well no, it’s not. Believe in yourself instead! To continue staying strong, ignore those bullies, those that have no idea what they are even talking about or what your’re truly going through. Tell yourself ‘Everything Will Be OK’.” – Maria Quiles

Learn more about the Special Artist Division for students with disability.


  1. Andrea Talley says:

    I’m trying to encourage art and music teachers at my school to submit more entries. This year I have personally met with and discussed our theme and talked a little about the opportunities and impact Reflections can and does have in many students and their parents lives. I promised them I’d send links to what won last year or examples of past entries, ie. music video – a composition, a dance video or two. I have examples ready to be sent of everything via this wonderful site. Thank you for creating just the right thing that I believe will give these teachers an idea or direction of how to steer their students. That said, I really need a Music Composition video or sound track or a good example or two, even a visual maybe of just the page the music was written on. We had a first grader years ago, who just wrote page after page of songs that she had written, it was so extraordinary and she won several awards. I look forward to any and all help you can give me on this.

    Andrea Talley

  2. Cheri Jorgenson says:

    My students enter this competition every year, and have won at every level. It’s a great honor for the school and for them. That being said, in other competitions there is usually some kind of reward: a check, a scholarship or even a trip to the award ceremony (we were sent to NYC last year) that makes it really worthwhile for them. It would be great if there was some kind of award that would make it really worth their while. I strongly suspect this is why there aren’t more entries, at least at the high school level. Students are entering competitions with real rewards, like scholarship funds.

  3. Tina Davis says:

    Am I doing something wrong? I cannot acces the music compositions. It says I can listen to them but all I see is who won, not hearing any music except the winner of the interpretation award.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Tina,

      The video’s audio seems to be working fine. As for the other music compositions, you’re correct. We changed the context as it has not been updated with any audio files. Hope this helps!

      Digital Communications Specialist

  4. Allison Ray says:

    When do we expect to have the national award winners from 2106 posted? I love having these to show to our students and arts teachers as inspiration. The most up-to-date ones are always best. Thank you!
    Allison Ray
    Wilson Middle School PTA, Plano ISD
    Plano, Texas

    • Admin says:

      Hello Allison,

      Our programs department is currently updating the webpage with our winners. Please also stay tuned for an upcoming blog post later this month. For any questions or concerns, please reply or contact

      Thank you,
      Catherine, Digital Communication Specialist

  5. Colleen Tate says:

    As a chairperson for Reflections for two schools in my town I’ve found that many local companies are more than willing to donate prizes that coordinate with our various categories. Having this as added incentive really helps peek interest in our program and in my search for donations I found that Target works with schools promoting arts in education in some parts of the country. That being said, has anyone from our National chptr looked into getting a partnership with Target for prizes for Nationals? Or any Colleges? Perhaps scholarship incentives? Etc..

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