Reflections: A Gallery of 2011-2012 Student Art

Since 1969, the PTA Reflections program has encouraged students across the nation and in American schools overseas to explore their artistic talents. Each year, students in preschool through high school are invited to create and submit works of art in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and the visual arts. In the 2011-2012 school year, Reflections students shared their artistic interpretations on the theme “Diversity Means…” We received an abundance of inspiring, insightful works from talented, perceptive students whose art shines light on issues of acceptance, harmony, and celebration. We are proud to share with you this year’s Outstanding Interpretations in each art category, the top honor Reflections bestows upon our young artists.

Outstanding Interpretation
in Photography

Student Artist: Kobie Long
“Scrambled Students”
Grade Division: Intermediate
Hubbell Elementary PTA
Des Moines, IA


Visual Arts

Outstanding Interpretation
in Visual Arts

Student Artist: Emily Lam
“Diversity Means Harmony in the World”
Grade Division: Primary
SKA Academy PTSA
Duluth, GA


Dance Choreography

Outstanding Interpretation
in Dance Choreography

Student Artist: Racquel Charles
“True Colors”
Grade Division: High School
Sequoyah High
Canton, GA


Film Production

Outstanding Interpretation
in Film Production

Student Artist: Ansel LaPier
“The Quest”
Grade Division: Primary
Liberty Lake Elementary PTSA
Liberty Lake, WA



I woke up with Nat next to me on the hard pallet that folded up into a hard couch when we weren’t sleeping together. She had been awake for a while and I knew this because her eyes were clear and bright and makeup-less and her hair was smoothed down and melled like coconut and the counch didn’t and maybe she was just sitting there for a second. She had a book in her hands but it wasn’t open. She saw me flex my calf under the blanket and said “Hi.”I turned halfway towards her and mouthed “Hi” back and pulled the blanket over my hair and stretched under the blanket for a while. When I was done I came back out and Nat had left and I heard running water in the bathroom.Continue reading…
Outstanding Interpretation
in Literature

Student Artist: Melanie Mignucci
“Es La Lluvia Que Le Molesta”
Grade Division: High School
Staples HS PTA
Westpost, CT


Music Composition

Outstanding Interpretation
in Music Composition

Student Artist: Polly Moser
“The Flow of Water”
Grade Division: Middle
Burleigh Manor Middle School
Ellicott City, MD


Award of Excellence and Award of Merit Winners

View a gallery of all Reflections photography and visual arts award winners, including Outstanding Interpretation, Awards of Excellence, and Awards of Merit:

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Watch all Reflections dance choreography and film production award winners, including Awards of Excellence, and Awards of Merit, on the National PTA Youtube Channel – Reflections Playlist.


Ethan Clark is the Manager of Arts in Education for National PTA in Alexandria, VA. Contact Ethan at


  1. Robbie McGuinness says:

    Is there something similar with the winners from this past year, 2012-2013?
    It’d be nice to see them online within a week from the Awards so we know and can see the wonderful artwork by the children. With technology being so common these days, we could easily find it on our phones and use past Reflections winners to encourage others to submit their artwork for the next year.
    Council Chair, Robbie McGuinness

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