Our Children Talks to Steve Perry about how to Close the Achievement Gap

OC_DecJanA product of third generation poverty, celebrated Principal Steve Perry talks about the important role that PTAs and parents play in helping to close the achievement gap among students facing educational odds. What exactly is that achievement gap? “It is an active gap, not an inherent limitation of minority and male children. Those kids who are most in need of what a great school has to offer are the least likely to have access to a great school.”

He stresses the importance of parent involvement for minority children who may go to less-than-stellar schools. “You have to support the school’s objectives by ensuring that the children come to school prepared to learn, which means doing an audit of your time and resources. Your kids value what you value, and if you value studying and preparing for school, then they will as well.”

Also in Our Children, we highlight the 46th anniversary of the National PTA Reflections program.  Since 1968, Reflections has created a stage for children in all grades across the world to express their creativity through dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. In celebration of arts education, we showcase 46 ways to support student success in the arts.

Want to know more about the next generation of arts standards? Our Children interviews members of the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards leadership team to find out why arts education is an important part of the every child’s learning experience. “The next generation of arts standards will provide new pathways for today’s students to develop their artistic literacy and track their performance.” They share everything you should know about each arts discipline (dance, media arts, visual arts, music, and drama/theatre) in a special section of the article.

Also in this issue: Improving PTA with bylaws revisions; how Common Core literacy standards will help your kids, and spotlighting a unique Special Education program in Delaware.


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