Our Children Magazine is Now Live!

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I’m excited to announce that National PTA’s Our Children Magazine is now online and mobile-friendly at PTAOurChildren.org!

Our Children and has been a household publication and primary resource (in various names) for families and PTA leaders for over 50 years and we put a fresh spin on our content.

The website is for on-the-go parents who are always looking for the best info and tips to support their child’s academic success and well-being.

PTA state leaders can share this new resource with parents throughout the school year. Read engaging and relevant stories like:

Read more at PTAOurChildren.org today and encourage your PTA leaders to help spread the word about our great news!

Check out the Our Children Magazine promotional toolkit for sample graphics and messaging.


  1. Today is Every Child in Focus-National Special Education Day, Montana is supporting this with my Presidents’ Call tonight How PTA’s can better support children with special needs. What is YOUR PTA doing today?

  2. alfalah12345 says:

    yes that’s true!!!

  3. Olha Parker says:

    Thanks, I liked the magazine’s site! That’s great that you made it online, I don’t always have an opportunity to buy it and not I will read it more often 😀

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