Our Children Celebrates Healthy Lifestyles Month

HealthyLifestyles_OC_BLOGRead the latest issue of Our Children magazine.

November is Healthy Lifestyles Month and the National PTA is taking the opportunity to highlight some of the ways PTAs are celebrating healthy habits. Healthy eating is not the only way to improve your child’s development, but physical activity and parental involvement are contributors as well. PTAs all over the country have come up with all kinds of creative ideas from “walking to school to growing fresh vegetables in school gardens.”

“Healthy Lifestyles Month is a wonderful opportunity for school communities to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring that all students show up each day healthy and ready to learn,” says Heather Parker, National PTA’s health and safety manager. “PTAs encourage families to increase their physical activity, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, participate in physical activity programs and promote lifelong healthy behaviors.”

This issue also tackles the topic of youth health and fitness by getting them active in sports. The National PTA has teamed up with the NFL for a “Back to Sports” partnership to focus on youth health and fitness. PTA leaders will educate their communities on youth wellness topics such as concussion education and NFL Play 60 information on nutrition and staying healthy.

National PTA President, Otha Thornton says “One partnership that I am particularly proud of is our work with the National Football League. National PTA and the NFL teamed up this summer to launch a “Back to Sports” initiative. This program, aimed at educating communities nationwide on youth wellness, will help our children stay safer and healthier as fall sports kick into high gear. The effort will utilize the resources of the NFL’s highly acclaimed PLAY 60 nutrition and physical activity campaign, and will be led by PTAs across the country.”

In the feature story, Modern Family star Julie Bowen shares her encounter with the life threatening experience her son had with anaphylaxis. She shares her journey into discovering what the causes of these potentially dangerous allergic reactions are and ways to prevent them. National PTA also has some pointers of its own to make sure you are well informed about the ways to keep your child healthy and happy, even if living with anaphylaxis.


  1. roger battem says:

    I am part of a franchise that supports healthy eating for our kids. We have been kicking out coke and pepsi and junk food vendors all across the USA in middle and high schools.

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