Olé! Turn Spanish to English with one “Click”!

Greetings PTA family,

Translate_ImageI hope you enjoyed the holidays with your family and all your dreams come true in the New Year. My dream for 2014 as National PTA’s multicultural membership development manager is to support efforts to grow the PTA family by recruiting diverse members and leaders.

One of PTA’s goals is to create outreach to non-English speaking communities.  For instance, did you know you can translate the PTA website from English to Spanish with just one “click”?  Go to the PTA.org toolbar, click the “Select Language” drop box and choose “Spanish”. With just one click, the PTA.org website will switch from English to Spanish! Olé!

I invite you to explore this new function, share it with your family and friends, and Spanish-speaking communities. Don’t forget, most of our PTA fliers and resources are available in Spanish and English too. Take a few minutes to look around PTA.org for Spanish resources and invite others to do the same.

Becoming familiar with Spanish-translated PTA resources can help your PTA grow! Here are events to help you promote diversity and multiculturalism at your PTA:

  • Take your family to School Week – Check out the National PTA’s Take Your Family to School Week Multicultural Event Guide  to maximize your PTA’s opportunities to welcome all families to your events during Martin Luther King Day, African American Heritage Month, Cinco de Mayo, or any other celebration in your community. TYFTSW is held February 17-21, 2014.
  • An Evening with Today’s PTA Event – Appealing to diverse communities with various interests is important. Consider hosting “An Evening with Today’s PTA” to share your PTA’s diversity and unique school and community benefits. How? I can help you! Email me for more information on this year-round opportunity.

There are many ways to expand our diverse PTA family and carry on the mission of “Every child. One voice.” If you have a story to share with National PTA about how you are growing diverse membership, please tell me your story! Send a picture along with your story of 300-400 words to aalvarez@pta.org.  Your story may be highlighted in an upcoming Membership Monday!

Happy New Year!

Armen Alvarez

Armen Alvarez is the multicultural membership development manager for National PTA.


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