New Issue of Our Children Focuses on Back to School and Membership Strategies

OC_AugustSeptember2014As another school year approaches, Our Children magazine is getting back to PTA.

The August/September issue of Our Children provides a toolkit with tips and helpful hints to assist with getting your PTA off to a great start in order to make your year great. With topics such as advocacy, fundraising and programs, you are sure to find all the information you need to propel your PTA to the next level and have fun doing it.

There is strength in numbers. This year—and every year—PTAs are in the push to grow membership. We talked to three PTAs that have excelled in this area. They share some the things that have made them successful.  “We do our best to encourage every student and every parent to join the PTSA as a means to be actively involved and to participate in the educational process,” says Jill Trail of Indian River High School PTSA, which boasts 1,755 members. “But more important than the education aspect, however, we promote it as a family activity and as a means to encourage family involvement and participation.”

Also in Our Children, we highlight the 40th anniversary of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Act by discussing how far the United States has come and what work needs to be done in dealing with young people in the justice system.  “The JJDPA is currently overdue for full reauthorization, presenting an opportunity to improve its protections for children and youth in the justice system.”

Are you curious about what some of the top education reformers and leaders think about the Common Core State Standards? Well, in this issue, prominent figures weigh-in on how the standards can be the lynchpin to major education reform, and what it means for our children. “This isn’t about politics. This is about, what are the skills that our children need to know to be successful – to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow, to be ready for college. That’s what the initiative is about,” says Ryan Mahoney, Vice President for Public Policy, Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

Also in this issue: 2014 National PTA Convention recap, maximizing teachable moments at home, and building effective family-school partnerships.

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