National PTA President Otha Thornton Invites Parents to Celebrate Healthy Habits Week Beginning Sept. 23

LYS_CelebrateHHBanner_180x150-b (2)An educational coalition with the NEA and LYSOL, including health messages from the CDC

It is with great pleasure that I ask parents to join us in launching the inaugural Healthy Habits Week on September 23 – a collaborative effort to reinforce the importance of practicing healthy habits, specifically among school-age children. The National PTA encourages you to bring the Healthy Habits Program to life by educating your children on good hygiene habits that bridge the gap between home and their time at school.

As another school year is in full swing, and we are all settling in our daily routine, , it is extremely important for our children to remain healthy and thriving inside and outside the classroom. Every year, the common cold results in an estimated 22 million lost days of school for students1.  Following the worst flu season in over a decade, it’s essential to stress the importance of good hygiene habits, such as hand washing, to help reduce student absences.

Want your family to join the movement? Click here to access Healthy Habits Program resources, including a downloadable Healthy Habits Program toolkit with lesson plans, tips for teaching good health and hygiene habits at home and a parent activity calendar for the year.

1 CDC, Adolescent and School Health. Available at Last accessed March 2013




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