National PTA Membership Challenge! 14 in ’14

14in14The National PTA Membership Committee has issued your PTA a challenge to Get 14 in ’14 and GROW!

14 in ’14, a nationwide membership challenge has started. From February 1, 2014 to May 31, 2014, your PTA can win $1,000 by simply recruiting 14 members.  In three steps, win cash to support existing PTA programs and events or start new initiatives.

  • Step 1: RECRUIT 14 people to join your PTA
  • Step 2: DOWNLOAD & SUBMIT the 14 in ’14 entry form with your state dues report
  • Step 3: REPEAT for every 14 members you recruit

That’s three simple steps! Your State PTA office will confirm your report and send your entry form(s) to National PTA to be included in a drawing for your chance to win $1,000. Recruit 14 members, get 1 entry! Recruit 28 members, get 2 entries! Keep recruiting and submit up to 10 entry forms to increase your odds of winning.

Vice Chair Phillip Clark of the National PTA Membership Committee is excited about the nationwide membership challenge and is looking forward to seeing PTA entry forms roll in from coast to coast. “The possibilities are endless… You can ask 14 school bus drivers, 14 teachers, 14 business owners, 14 friends, or 14 family members,” says Vice Chair Clark.

PTAs voice and our ability to effectively advocate for every child are strengthened when we grow. We want every PTA to step up to this challenge. With over 20,000 PTAs recruiting 14 new members, we will grow stronger, better, and bigger in 2014!

Felisha Battle is the Membership Marketing Director for National PTA.

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