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I love to read. I have spent countless hours in my life with my nose buried in a book. I get lost in what I’m reading. My imagination takes flight and I am off living the story. Reading is like living in someone else’s imagination. Getting to experience something that we might never be able to do in reality. It’s the best.

I know that reading helps little kiddos. Not only does it open up their minds to new and exciting adventures, it actually makes them smarter. Reading to your kids and encouraging them to have the desire themselves has actually been proven to raise testing scores.

I have shared my love for reading with my own children and I feel I have started them on a love affair of their own. My ((almost)) five year old has already taken off reading and is doing awesome. It is so fun to watch her reading books to her little sisters. Even my three year old can look at a book and tell you the story through the pictures. We’ve read the books enough together that she can put it together by looking at the pictures and using her memory for the story line. She can “read” it using her imagination alone.


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One of my favorite books as a child was from the Sesame Street series called, “Don’t Forget the Oatmeal!”. My mom used to read it to me with different voices for each Burt and Ernie and all the rest. She always emphasized certain parts and when I read it to my kids I find myself doing the same thing. Every time one of them brings me that book to read, I think of my own Mother and my heart melts a little.

My family has joined the  Family Reading Challenge this summer. We’re excited to spend time cuddled up together to tackle some enormous piles of books. Take the challenge with your family! Keep those little minds going all summer long. #FamiliesRead


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