National PTA 2013 Male Engagement Conference: Helping Men Make a Difference

Carey Casey is CEO of the National Center for Fathering——and author of the book Championship Fathering (2009). Carey has a reputation as a dynamic communicator and as a compassionate ambassador, especially among men, fathers, and those in the sports community. Carey and his wife, Melanie, are parents of four children and have seven grandchildren.

Carey_Casey_SmHere at the National Center for Fathering (, we’re all about inspiring and equipping men to be the involved, championship fathers their children need. And a big part of that is challenging dads to be more active in their children’s educational lives.

We regularly ask dads questions like, “How often do you take your child to school?” “How often do you hang out talking about their teachers and favorite subjects?” “Can you even name their teachers?” “Or what subjects they’re studying?” (You’d probably be surprised at the answers from some dads.)

What difference could dads make if they simply made a New Year’s resolution to read to their children or help with homework at least three nights a week—and then followed through, of course.

There are many encouraging things happening, and one great example is the growth of our WATCH D.O.G.S. program, where men volunteer a day at their children’s schools as positive male role models.

To advance that idea even more, there’s an exciting event coming next month—the National PTA® 2013 Male Engagement Conference, and registration is now open!

I hope you’ll join me and many other fathers, grandfathers, male teachers, mentors, and experts here in Kansas City, on February 8-10. You’ll experience hands-on activities and gain valuable insights about building programs and resources to:

  • increase male engagement in the school, home, and community;
  • raise bullying awareness and prevention;
  • and increase male membership in PTA and school activities.

If you are a dad of school-age kids, a WATCH D.O.G.S. volunteer or coordinator, a teacher, or you’re just interested in how to get dads and father figures engaged in their kids’ education, this conference is for you!

You can find out more details or register for the conference right here.

Carey Casey CEO, National Center for Fathering



  1. Joseph Anzai says:

    I’m a father of two and both my wife and I have been very involved in the PTA and in the the schools our children have attended. Personally I believe that this is a must in the world we live in today. My children are both doing fantastic in school and they are very involved. I do have to say to the fathers out there, GET INVOLVED. It is true that a majority of you do not get involved and base it on the fact that you work or you are the sole provider for the family, well quite a few of the PTA events are in the evening so go, let your children know that you care and that you are involved in their lives.

    When I was a scout leader I would do a presentation to the parents, I would take a strip of paper about 2 feet long the looked like a ruler and mark 1-18 on it. Then I would tare 1-4 off and then tare 14-18 off. I would shou the left over piece of paper with 5-13 and say this is all the time you have left, 1-4 is gone and ages 14-18 want to be with their friends not you. So get involved while you still can.

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