Membership Monday: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Grindstone PTA 2012-13 from Grindstone PTA on Vimeo.

A few days ago our National Field Services team shared a video with us highlighting an excellent best practice story. They were right! Within minutes, all the computers in the membership department were running the Grindstone Elementary PTA slideshow. The music filled our offices and the photos reminded us of the work we do each day for every child.

The caption for the video reads: This is Grindstone PTA’s 2012-13 recap video. This video showcases everything we do, our students smiling faces and our wonderful volunteers. In the world of membership recruitment and retention, we believe this caption translates to: Our PTA has value! Our PTA makes a difference in the lives of your children! Join our PTA TODAY!

Often times we are asked by parents to explain the benefits of PTA. What a perfect way to not only explain what your PTA does but capture its work in action. Pictures are worth a thousand words and the smiles of children are certainly worth more new members.

This video summary by Grindstone, created using Vimeo is the perfect annual report. We know that many of you take photos highlighting your many events, projects, and initiatives. Consider rolling these images into a photo collage summary using one of many FREE and user friendly video services like Animoto or pay a small fee for other services like Roxio’s PhotoShow.

Whether you choose to use pictures or words to convey the value of your PTA, the true best practice here is to be sure you know the value you bring to your schools, communities, and children. Continue to tell the story! Be able to clearly explain this value in a clear and informative way. If you build it, they will come.


Felisha Battle if the Director of Membership Marketing at National PTA

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