Membership Monday: Seizing the Membership Moment!

Mem_MondayI grabbed my coat while heading out the door to work with the weather bug on my TV set registering a chilling 46 degrees. It’s the morning of the gubernatorial election in Virginia. The local news reported this would be a close race with a large voter turnout, so I squeezed in a few extra minutes to my morning routine to go cast my vote.

We’re all familiar with what it’s like to change one thing in our morning routine and having our entire morning drive almost end in chaos. Yet, I was determined to make it to the polls super early to zoom past my neighbors and avoid the long lines. Turns out somebody else had already beaten me there! As I turned the corner to search for a parking space, I saw four smiling individuals bundled in scarfs, hats, and jackets at a table draped in PTA’s Every Child. One Voice.

Say hello to Samuel W. Tucker’s PTA unit members from left to right: Lisa Hammond –Treasurer; Daria Dillard – President; Pam Dennunzio – Secretary; and Al Luna – Volunteer Coordinator. They were ready to start the day engaging our local community with answers about PTA and volunteer opportunities while taking in a few fundraising dollars. With an historical voting turnout pending, they couldn’t have picked an easier way to gain great exposure and connect the dots with our community by sharing PTA’s mission.

If you’re a PTA leader looking for ways to host membership recruitment events and engagement with your school and community, click here. And to the 254 members strong at Samuel W. Tucker’s PTA unit comprised of parents, teachers, and school staff, we’d like to say “Hats off to you for a job well done”!  (Or should we say, “Hats On”?? Wow, it was cold.)


  1. Kris Vaughn says:

    Great idea and picture. Thank you so much for taking every opportunity to promote the value of PTA and showing your dedication on a cold morning. As a former Texas PTA Membership Chair and current National PTA Membership Committee member, I appreciate all you do for your school community and showing the students how much adults care about their success.

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