Looking for Superman at a School Near You

As part of NBC’s Education Nation, I had the honor of taking part in two town hall sessions. One was a Teacher Town Hall, and the second session regarding the newly released film “Waiting for Superman”.

Recently following a special premiere screening, I provided commentary and addressed what I believe the film emphasizes as a need for parents to do; get involved in the conversation.

Now, as far as I am concerned the two town hall sessions talked about parents, talked to parents, but did not talk with parents. Parents are critical in making education reform a reality in our country. At hand, how important is reform in our communities?

We can all agree that every community in our country have schools with varying degrees of challenges. Many out right fail the students. So again, what is it going to take to get parents, grandparents and all adult care givers involved?

A quality education is a civil rights issue that should lift every child’s opportunities. A child should not have to cross their fingers nor should parents have to lay awake at night worried when it comes to getting into a quality school.

I am blessed that my two sons are attending a good school, but so many parents in our country see their children attending “drop out factories.” A practice that can end if we all agree that reform is a must-have conversation.

Parents need to get their heads out of the sand. So respectfully I must ask again, “What in the hell is it going to take for parents, adults or any role model to get involved in the school reform conversation?”

Let’s take the steps to get there….First see “Waiting for Superman,” and next get your friends, neighbors and family involved in the conversation to make critical changes.

Chuck Saylors,
National PTA, President


  1. TFT says:

    The first thing to do is acknowledge that poverty stifles life. It is the impoverished members of society who are suffering in the crumbling schools with little or no support.

    Yelling at parents won’t help. Blaming teachers won’t help. You don’t seem to be helping, either.

    Waiting For Superman is pure propaganda. Ask the millions of teachers.

    And, do you have special privileges with NBC causing your posts to disallow comments? Man up!

  2. Cara says:

    I hope that after all of this talk takes place, people start taking action. I am a former teacher now stay-at-home, and I am not sure if I am going to go back to the classroom to teach.

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