Join “Everyone Matters Day,” April 2

EveryoneMattersWould you believe that 25 Mayors across the U.S. will join us with their own #IAM selfie affirming something about themselves, and inviting their residents via social media to join them – in collectively celebrating that EVERYONE matters to the vitality of their city?

It’s happening on April 2.

And I want you to join the schools across the U.S. and the Mayors of the following cities: Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Calgary, Indianapolis, Austin, Charlotte, Fort Worth, Milwaukee, Portland, Albuquerque, Atlanta, Kansas City, Arlington, Tampa,  Pittsburgh, Newark, Lexington, Plano, Louisville, Niagara-on-the-Lake.

April 2 is our 2nd annual “Everyone Matters Day” – which is to affirm that EVERYONE matters, EVERYONE deserves respect and dignity, EVERYONE has the right to be EXACTLY who they are, without shame, judgment, attack, marginalization.

Kids, even more than adults, need to hear, and see – and participate with their hearts and spirit – in this dynamic, collective, profound exercise in CELEBRATION that EACH PERSON in that school matters EQUALLY.

Which is why most Mayors will be visiting a local school, to do a collective, massive, LOVE-IN with a group #IAM selfie, each holding up a sign to jointly affirm something about themselves.

What it says is:   “I Matter!”

IT’S NOT TOO LATE to join us.  Let me repeat.  It’s not too late to organize an #IAM selfie for a class, for a school, for a small group.  Or even to invite your Mayor to join you at a school. We’ll help you.

(We’d also love for you to take the plunge – and do YOUR OWN #IAM selfie!  EACH one of us needs to affirm that we are okay JUST AS WE ARE.  None of us hears that enough – not adults, not kids.)

Join us.  Click here, to add your name.

If you have any questions or ideas, or need help, email me at  I’m the president of Everyone Matters.

HeathCliff Rothman is founder of the big-tent inclusion, dignity and empowerment movement, Everyone Matters.  The social entrepreneur and former journalist’s previous campaign was a youth-engagement,  issue-oriented video competition, Film Your Issue, which was supported by major tech companies as well as Barack Obama, Walter Cronkite, Tom Brokaw and others.  

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