Help Your PTAs Make a P.L.A.N. with E-Learning & Other Training Tools

National PTA transformed the DIY Kit for Membership Growth into an interactive course for Local PTA Leaders: Membership 101 – Design Your Membership P.L.A.N. If you’d like to bring the DIY Kit for Membership Growth to life, check out our training tools on the State Resource Bank to include:

State PTAs will receive a quantity of refreshed DIY Kits for Membership Growth based on their State PTA size in late June:

  • Large states – 250 kits
  • Medium states – 150 kits
  • Small states – 100 kits
  • Petite states – 50 kits

We will ship to the primary State Office address on file. These kits should be used for training local PTAs on membership growth and in support of recruiting and on-boarding new PTAs. Direct distribution will occur when Local PTA leaders register for the Local PTA Leader Kit at

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