Have You Seen PTA in One Minute?

We all like to be in the know on the latest info from National PTA and that’s why we created “PTA in ONE Minute.” Get info on recent and upcoming events, PTA updates, celebrations—all packed into a concise, 60-second video. It’s perfect for PTA Leaders on the go!

In our first edition, you’ll find:

  • Updates on National PTA’s biggest projects and events
  • Pics of a special bricklaying at our headquarters in Alexandria, Va.
  • Details on Healthy Lifestyles Month
  • A sneak peek at the new Our Children Online Magazine

The November edition of PTA in ONE Minute is sponsored by Lysol®.

Our PTA leaders are busy, so we believe that PTA in ONE Minute is an effective and creative way to convey messages and news faster and more conveniently. This is also a chance for state and local PTAs to share news from their neck of the woods.

If you’ve got something big going on that you’d like to share, send it to us at Communications@pta.org. We’d love to highlight your photos, videos, and interesting news items.

You can expect a new PTA in ONE Minute in your inbox each month. It’s on YouTube, so remember to LIKE the video and share with fellow members.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch PTA in ONE Minute, presented by Lysol!


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