Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 2016!

2016 TAW GFM_FB_IG Post 1National PTA Teacher Appreciation Week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. It’s a time to celebrate teachers—like myself—for their hard work, dedication and commitment to our children and their success. Every day teachers touch the lives of millions of children and change them for the better. They are real life superheroes.

This year, we have joined forces with GoFundMe to give back to teachers and be a superhero for them. If you start a GoFundMe “Thank A Teacher” fundraising campaign by May 8, GoFundMe will make a matching donation of $100 to eligible campaigns that benefit teachers and students.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can celebrate and #ThankATeacher with some of these ideas:

With your help, this will be the best Teacher Appreciation Week! Enjoy this video with NEA’s President Lily Eskelsen García and myself.


  1. Linda says:

    The partnership between the PTA and the Data Quality Campaign is a disservice to students, communities, taxpayers, democracy and the future of the U.S. “The Data Monster that Devours Privacy”, by Laura Chapman, posted at the Diane Ravitch blog shows the designs of Silicon Valley. Unless and until, the schools that the reformers send their children to, comply with everything being foisted on the public schools for the 99%, the PTA is betraying a legacy of service to American education. I know its difficult to decline Gates money but, there are values more important than growth of the national PTA’s employment roster.

    In an article at Philanthropy Roundtable, in an ironically-titled article, “Don’t Surrender the Academy”, the External Affairs Manager of the Data Quality Campaign quotes ed reformers, “We’ve got to blow up the ed schools.” Read the article and you will understand that plutocrats intend to take over education and their strategy is to spend money to do it..

    • admin says:

      Hi Linda,

      National PTA has not received funding from the Data Quality Campaign. This partnership includes the National PTA and Data Quality Campaign working together where our individual organization’s missions overlap. In this case, PTA provides the important parent perspective to DQC as they help states navigate data and privacy issues. DQC provides their data and privacy expertise to our PTA leaders and parents by helping to create parent resources and trainings.

      PTA (and DQC) believe that student data should be used as a tool for informing, engaging and empowering students, families, teachers and school system leaders and that student privacy should always be protected. Both organizations have signed on to the Student Data Principles which articulate shared values that guide our work about how data should be used only in support of students and families.

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