Guest Blog: Meagan Gardner, PTA Youth Advocate of the Year

Youth_Advocate_LEGCONWhen I got the call that I would be the National PTA’s first ever recipient of the outstanding youth advocate of the year award, I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked beyond words.  Winning this award had meant so much to me, and I am very honored that National PTA chose me to receive it.

Ever since elementary school my mom has been involved in the PTA so I’ve seen members doing amazing work at all the different levels. Being a student in school and in PTA, I’ve gotten to see not only the work that goes into making all of the great things happen that the PTA does, but I also get see and experience the outcome and how it effects students. When I first started working on the resolution I never would have imagined that I would be here today. Being around PTA for so long, fighting for what you believed in had just become second nature for me. So when I was working on this resolution it didn’t seem like a big deal to me, it was just me fighting for what I believed in.

I believe very strongly in all that PTA does, and I love getting to be a part of all of that amazing work. Thus, when I found out I was going to get to attend the Legislation Conference this year I was really excited. The three workshops I went to while I was here were Common Core Standards, Family Engagement, and Budget. They were all really amazing and I took a ton from each. I learned so much at Legislative Conference and I have had an amazing time. I cannot wait to go talk to my senators and representatives tomorrow. I can only hope that I get to come again next year because it really was an amazing event and National PTA did an awesome job of putting it on.

Seen above with her family and PTA Officers, Meagan Gardner was honored with the first annual Youth Advocate of the Year Award for her outstanding display of advocacy related to the issue of distracted driving. As a student representative for her local PTA unit, Meagan worked with other student representatives in Missouri to draft a resolution on distracted driving that was passed by both Missouri PTA and National PTA. Meagan is now working with students across Missouri to create a distracted driving PSA.

Photo courtesy of Lifetouch National School Studios Photography.

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