Groups that have changed the world

Have you ever considered PTA as a group that has helped change the world? I have always known of the long history of good works that PTA has built, but like you, I’ve been so busy in today’s efforts I’ve not given the history a good look…until recently.

Several weeks ago, I received a letter from a young man in the 4th grade at Streams Elementary School in Pittsburgh, PA asking for an interview. This young man, James Boston, (along with the entire 4th grade) has been assigned the task of producing a report and display on groups that have changed the world. James selected the PTA. His interview request was part of his project. Well, if you know me, the wheels started moving. At the time of his letter, James was unaware of the fact that I would be attending the Pennsylvania State Convention with a rare extra day in advance. What turned out to be a surprise visit turned into a special visit to this Upper Saint Claire District School where James involved his classmates.

The day I arrived I was greeted by the Principal (Dr. Miller) area PTA leaders, the Superintendent, School Board Members (including a past NSBA President Barbara Bolas), James’ family and James himself in a dapper black suit and green tie.

The questions (as best I can recall) from the students were not all typical. Yes, we had the ones like “What’s your day like?” and “How much do you travel?” But there were several that were very thoughtful like, “What has PTA done for kids?”, “Do you have a job?” and “What does your family think about what you do?”

This was a memorable day for me, one that this leader needed. I was able to see, first hand, a tremendous program, an energetic group of students and a most talented James Boston. As I departed James said, “I owe you a favor now”. My response (besides making an A on the project) was to finish first in his class.

To know that our efforts in the name of PTA are seen and appreciated by so many who are so young, should help us all know that our work as PTA leaders and volunteers is valued. My thanks to James, the Boston Family, Streams Elementary, and the Upper Saint Claire District for a wonderful day and to each of you for your service. Every day your actions and hard work change somebody’s world!

Until next time,
Charles “Chuck” Saylors


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