Get Moving to Raise More Money for your School

FUYF_BlogResearch proves that active kids do better, which means that it is more important than ever for schools and communities to promote an active lifestyle and create healthy environments for students. The National PTA has come out in full support of promoting the benefits of physical activity for kids, including greater academic achievement, better classroom attention, and improved physical and mental health.

Schools can be the heart of health if they have the right wellness resources and funds in place. That’s why it makes sense to have a healthy, easy fundraising option for your school group that is centered around physical activity AND helps your school and community create a healthy environment.

Fire Up Your Feet is a healthy fundraising option that rewards parents and families that are already making a point of incorporating physical activity into their daily routine. For families that want to set a goal around getting more physical activity, the Fire Up Your Feet Healthy fundraising option offers the community a chance to cheer participants toward meeting their wellness goals, while contributing to a cause that can further reinforce overall community health and wellness efforts.

The free fundraising platform tools offers a game-changing approach to traditional fundraising, helping schools easily manage donations in a safe and secure online environment twith no upfront costs, saving you and other parent volunteers hours of time and not having to manually collect and manage pledges.

Best of all, 75% of the money raised back to each PTA or school group to support its wellness initiatives and benefits nationwide efforts to build communities that encourage active, healthy living, while the other 25% goes to support the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, whose mission is to advance policy and programs that improve access to parks, playgrounds, walking paths, bike lanes, and other safe places to be active in everyday life.

Healthy fundraising is the best way for kids and parents to do fun activities together, be healthy, and raise money to make a big difference for your own school. You can raise funds to support all kinds of resources for your school such as:

  • New bike racks so students can ride to school and store their bikes securely during the school day
  • New recess and gym equipment
  • A cafeteria salad bar so students have additional healthy food choices
  • Improvements to nearby street crossings and bicycle paths

Fun runs and walk-a-thons aren’t just valuable because they’re healthy – they’re also successful. So Fire Up Your Feet to help your school, PTA group, and family get moving and raise money to create an active, healthy school.

Margaux Mennesson is communications manager for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership. Fire Up Your Feet is a core program of the National Partnership.

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