Get 14 in ’14: The Perfect PTA Prospect Member!

Happy Membership Monday PTA! There’s still time to recruit the perfect PTA prospect and win $1,000 for your PTA.

14in14As a reminder, the National PTA Membership Committee is challenging PTAs nationwide to recruit 14 new members between February 1and May 31 for the 14 in ’14 Membership Challenge.  For every 14 new members your local PTA recruits and reports to your State PTA office, your PTA will be entered to win $1,000 to support membership recruitment, engagement and retention in your school and community.

The National PTA Legislative Committee asks you to consider the perfect prospect for PTA membership.  Who is the perfect prospect?  Elected Officials! Remember to ask them to join your PTA as you endeavor to get 14 in ’14. Whether a school board member or a mayor, elected officials are often times an integral part of local PTAs achieving their goals.

Recruiting elected officials as members of PTA helps connect your PTA to community leaders and keep your PTA members informed of issues affecting their child. Just like PTA, elected officials have deep roots to the community. Your local PTA wins when elected officials join by fulfilling one of the National PTA Standards for Family-School Partnerships, “Collaborating with Community” and allows them the opportunity to experience and understand PTA’s goals. What a great reason to align our efforts by recruiting them for membership!

To help you ask your elected officials to become a PTA member, the National PTA Legislative Committee provides you with an easy to use customizable template to recruit the perfect PTA prospect. Download the template here and visit the PTA Takes Action web page to find out elected officials in your state.

Strengthening Today’s PTA voice with elected officials from across America will be awesome. Winning the Get 14 in ’14 Membership Challenge by recruiting the perfect PTA member prospect will be an added bonus.

Good luck to your PTA!


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