Father's Day- Get in the Game

Father’s Day is 100 years old. It goes without question that when a parent is involved in a child’s education they succeed, but when both parent’s are engaged the child is much more successful.

So on this Father’s Day, we would like thank the dedicated parents of our country for their love, support and dedication for their children and the students of all our communities.

Dad’s play a key role. Father’s Day is but one day to celebrate and show up for the part. We encourage you continue to find the time to get engaged.


As a working Dad, I know how hard it is to find extra time to volunteer. If you haven’t dared to play an active part in your child’s education, here is a challenge. “Can you find 3 hours during the school year?” Three hours is all it takes, and can make all the difference for your child as well as their classmates.

Dad, thank you! Keep up the good work.


  1. Jim Bedinger says:

    I was inspired by the speakers at the PTA National Convention this summer. Nick Mitchell and I started a Dads Initiative at Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia this month. So far we have a membership of 6. Here is our mission statement and ideas for action:
    “The mission of the CHS – PTSA Dads Committee is to serve as a resource base for the Campbell High School students, teachers, and staff by leveraging the member’s professional experience, skills, and interests to support CHS programs/activities, provide mentorship and community support, and promote personal responsibility, academic and personal excellence, and good citizenship”

    Recommended activities:
    – Mentoring
    – Community Activity support
    o CHS improvements
    o Smyrna community activities
    – Tutoring
    – Sharing Experiences via Class/group presentations:
    o Career Choices
    o Choosing Colleges
    o Personal career background
    o Hobbies/Interests
    o Parenting priorities/Family values

  2. Robben Wainer says:

    My son Brian is Graduating from CUNY with his Associates Degree. My advice was the only way to account for his pride is by his finishing what he begins.
    He teaches me that the Social Services achieve the greatest good for our society, as do our plans to work in Health and Education.

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