Engaging Youth in Physical Activity in Kailua, Hawaii

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For Max and Mikey, twin brothers and third graders at Ka’elepulu Elementary in Kailua, Hawaii, staying active is an important part of their family’s lifestyle. The boys enjoy running with their parents and taking hikes on Hawaii’s lava fields. When their family decided to participate in Fire Up Your Feet, the boys discovered the fun in keeping track of their activity throughout the month – and using it to motivate each other and their parents to find more ways to be active together.


Max and Mikey hike the volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island.

“I like Fire Up Your Feet because it is fun to track my exercise and it helped me feel more awake during testing,” Mikey said. “It’s making us stronger and we have a fun time,” added Max.

Max and Mikey’s mom, Lisa, is the PTSA Vice President at Ka’elepulu. Lisa was drawn to Fire Up Your Feet because it seemed like an easy way to raise money for the school’s PE program. Unlike other schools where PE is funded by the school district, at Ka’elepulu it’s up to the PTSA to raise money if they want to fund the staff position and purchase PE equipment.

“We are so appreciative of what Fire Up Your Feet offers for Ka’elepulu,” said Lisa. “The best part is giving the kids a chance to be involved in raising money for their school by being active and healthy.”

Lisa’s whole family took advantage of the online tracker to motivate each other to be active. “It was like a fun competition between the four of us, and the kids really liked being able to track and add up the miles and minutes,” she said.

Even dad Eric got in on the action. “My twin boys love to keep track of how their old man is keeping up. I’ve lost a few pounds and the whole family is outside everyday, including our 3 dogs!” he said.

Thanks to great participation from the whole school, Ka’elepulu won second place in the 2014 Spring Challenge. The PTSA plans to use the award money to purchase new equipment for the PE teacher – and they will definitely be signing up again next fall!

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