Diversity Today—Being More Inclusive Tomorrow For Schools, Parents, Kids and PTA

Plenary Session at the 2013 Annual National PTA Convention


VelasquezSchools, PTA boards, students, parents, teachers – we all struggle with diversity and diversity issues yet we don’t define it.  How can you value or manage or leverage diversity when we don’t even agree on a common definition.  As President of Diversity Training Group, LLC, of Herndon, VA, I will tell you this lack of knowledge or understanding of what exactly diversity is today – it is “What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know!”

I will present a common, universal, practical and working definition of diversity and inclusion.  You will see the link between diversity and inclusion and school performance.  As your instructor and facilitator I will get us all on the same page.  Then we will discuss national and local best practices.  This session will be highly interactive and comes complete with practical and effective take aways.  As your speaker, I will give every person my Power Point Presentation so they can take the Power Point them home, back to their schools and school districts.  In support of National PTA, I have presented workshops in over a dozen states now and my work is spreading from Florida and Georgia to New Mexico and Utah to Indiana and Virginia State PTAs.

Come experience a workshop lead by me, an expert diversity trainer and faciliator and you will never be in denial again about what is diversity, why is it important and what can we do as a PTA Board or a School or as a School District.  I spoke at our National Legislative Conference last year, I have lead webinars for National PTA on conflict resolution and spoke at the PTA Emerging Minority Leaders Conference several times and I have also partnered with National PTA on their Urban Family Enagement Initiatives.

Mauricio Velasquez, President of DTG is the first born son of immigrant parents and grew up in public schools. Mauricio went on to earn a BA in Economics and Psychology (Double Major) from the University of Virginia and earned his MBA in Human Resource Management from the George Washington University. Mauricio has been in the diversity and inclusion field for over twenty years and he has trained in every state but North Dakota and his work and life have lead him to over 70 countries. Mauricio has trained more than a half million participants in his short career.

Please join Mauricio for an experience, not a lecture, a journey, not an arduous task – a joyous learning adventure! Mauricio makes it real, personal, fun, and enlightening!

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