Ditch the Sweets & Choose Healthy Fundraising: 5 Reasons to Start Today!


As the parent of three children, I understand how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to choose from all the options for school fundraisers.

Overwhelming because there are so many programs to choose from and frustrating because so many of them promote unhealthy snacks and candy.

From bake sales to pizza parties, it seems like unhealthy choices are coming at you from all directions.

Fortunately, there are more healthy fundraising options available. Active Schools Fundraising is an exciting new tool for PTAs, school groups and booster clubs. It will revolutionize your fundraising. Here’s how:

  1. Physical activity + online fundraising = a winning strategy. Active Schools Fundraising combines the power of online team-based fundraising with healthy, active events—like walk-a-thons or classroom fitness minute challenges—that families, teachers and school staff can get excited about.
  1. Your school keeps more of the money you raise. With Active Schools Fundraising, your school or PTA group keeps 75% of all funds raised online and 100% of onsite fees, such as registrations or giveaways. There are no start-up fees or costs, so the up-front investment is minimal.
  1. Walk-a-thon or Fun Run? It’s up to you! What is your school doing to be physically active? Have you held successful runs or physical activity events before? Use your knowledge to leverage the power of Active Schools Fundraising by adding online fundraising to your existing event. Join our monthly huddle calls to hear great ideas for structuring your events.
  1. You choose the event timing and schedule that works for you. Active Schools Fundraising allows you to plan your event anytime between Aug. 1 and Dec. 1 or Jan. 1 and June 30. Within those parameters, you set your event dates and total length of your fundraising campaign. (Hint: The most effective fundraisers are between 3-6 weeks in length.)
  1. Creativity rules! After signing up as the team captain, you can customize your team page using your own messages and photos, or use the standard messaging that we provide. Each team member also has the opportunity to create their own customized pages and add new team members. The more people you invite, the more money you raise!

Want to learn more? Visit ActiveSchoolsFundraising.org to sign up today.

Cass Isidro is the executive director of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership.


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