Creating a Positive Culture on the School Bus

SchoolBus_2Travelling on the school bus every day may be an enjoyable experience for a student. It’s up to the driver and the students to create the culture that exists on the school bus. For the driver, the goal is to transport the students safely to school, ready to learn, and in the right frame of mind. Then, transport them home in a safe, enjoyable environment. The driver can have a huge positive influence on the culture of his/her school bus. First, by reviewing the school bus rules at the beginning of the year. At the start of the year, the driver should welcome the students and tell them that all the rules that apply at school also apply on the school bus. The driver should then go over these rules:

  1. Never put your head, arms, or any other body part outside the windows.
  2. Do not distract the driver when the bus is in motion.
  3. Take your seat and put book bags under the seat in front of you. Stay in your seat.
  4. No fighting, pushing, throwing or teasing other students.
  5. Bullying and teasing will not be tolerated.

The driver should greet the students and learn their names and add a positive comment whenever possible. This is the driver’s greatest opportunity to set a positive culture on the bus. Having said that, the students have the same opportunity to set a positive culture on the bus. For example, saying “good morning” and “hello” to a driver, as well as  “thank you” when the student leaves, sets an equally positive culture on the bus. When students treat each other with respect, the school bus ride ends safely and positively.

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