Cooking with Kids Inspires Them to Eat Healthier

Uncle_bens2As the father of two middle-school students, I share the concern of many parents about the quality of their kids’ diets. Many parents these days are searching for a way to help ensure that their kids eat better, not just at the dinner table at home with their families, but as they go out in the world beyond the immediate reach of their parents.

Make the kitchen the heart of your home

Fortunately, there is something you can do to help get your kids on the path to better eating. And it’s not just easy, it’s fun, too! Fact is, one of the best ways to teach your kids about healthy eating is to step into the kitchen with them and cook together.

Teaching by example

When you cook with your kids, they discover a whole new world—a world filled with creativity and delicious flavors. Your kids will learn more than the steps involved in preparing a recipe, they’ll by inspired to make healthier decisions about eating that can last a lifetime.

Let’s get kids cooking!

I’m proud that the UNCLE BEN’S® Ben’s Beginners™ Cooking Program is helping parents connect with their kids in the kitchen. For the second year in a row, this program is awarding great prizes to families that cook a rice dish together and make a short video.

A great opportunity for your school to win a cafeteria makeover

Uncle_Bens_Beginners_Revised (3)This year, UNCLE BEN’S® will be awarding $165,000 in total prizes—and there are TWO ways your school could be a winner, too!

  1. Family prize: Winning families receive a valuable prize package, including a cafeteria makeover for their school. Entry information is at
  2. School participation prize: Schools will be awarded a $30,000 cafeteria makeover if they have the highest number of entries in their size category (1-250 students; 251-500; 501+). The more families from your school that enter, the better chance your school has to win! So be sure to encourage your students and their parents to enter!

Entry deadline is October 6—so get the word out now!
The deadline is approaching so start spreading the word using the flyers, press releases, and other materials in our “Create Buzz Toolkit.” Download the kit now at

Tim Snyder is the Vice President of Marketing for UNCLE BEN’S®


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