Call to PTAs: Join Forces!

“Joining forces” is a phrase that PTA members have used as part of their fabric for over 115 years. PTA has joined forces with parents, educators, educational leaders, government leaders and communities in making every child’s potential a reality. This week, PTA takes this phrase to a new level.

Yesterday, April 12th, 2011, PTA was part of the launch of “Joining Forces”; a new initiative of First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. President Obama, Vice President Biden, Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden all talked about the true sacrifices that our Military Families make and how much they depend on our nation for support.

Joining Forces brings together caring, dedicated and thoughtful businesses, agencies and organizations towards the goal of seeing that our military personnel, veterans and their families receive support in addressing educational opportunities, reaching employment goals and seeing that their homes are secure.

In response, National PTA and the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) joined forces to engage military families and support the more than one million grade school-age military children. During her remarks at the ceremony yesterday First Lady Michelle Obama thanked PTA and MCEC for their collective efforts.

PTA and MCEC have solid goals for the future of our initiative. The partnership will work to build connections between military and civilian parents and students through programs and activities in highly military-impacted school districts. We’ll work together to educate state PTA leaders on fostering a common understanding of military child education issues and communicate the role that they can play in supporting these families.

We encourage all of our local PTAs, leaders and members to visit and get involved in this outstanding movement. Also, look for more information from National PTA about our efforts with MCEC. Together we can Take Action to Serve America’s Military Families.


  1. Chuck:
    How phenomenal for NPTA to join Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden to support our Military families. Our son in law had two tours of duty in Iraq, so we know first hand the stress and challenges these family face. Thanks for representing all of us.
    N. Michelle Sutton – Ohio

  2. So glad to see that Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden were here in Columbus, Ohio to Join Forces last night to honor our Military Families.
    Michelle Sutton – Ohio

  3. Kevin says:

    My brother is in the Airforce and his 10 year old son is stationed with him at Shaw AFB in South Carolina. My nephews mother is stationed in Okinawa and does not get to see her son as much as she would like. Thinking about this separation between a parent and their child was one of the things that lead me to build Classroom Communities. A free social networking site that lets parents connect online with the other families in their kids classroom. While my nephews mom can never make it into class for celebrations she does have the opportunity to see pictures of her son and his friends. She may never meet the other kids parents, but she can get to know them through online interactions. It is a small consolation for her living so far away but it helps keep her engaged with her son and his life away from her.

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