Building Today’s PTA, One District at a Time

Membership recruitment in PTA has traditionally been individual based. We sign up individuals at Back To School Nights, bring in one parent here or there through backpack mail, or use our elevator speeches to recruit one family at a time. With this week’s Membership Monday we take a look at how Arizona PTA is going beyond individual membership recruitment and growing PTA, one district at a time.

“One of the goals is to make contact with every school district to introduce PTA and make administration aware of the support through our board, Region Directors, Councils and the PTAs in their district.” – Grace LaMoureaux, Arizona PTA President

Arizona PTA set out this membership year with a lofty goal of connecting with all of their school districts. Recently, their efforts to lay the groundwork in Tucson Unified School District, one of Arizona’s largest districts, paid off with the chartering of a new Council! The newly formed Tucson PTA Council was formed a few weeks ago and is already a shining example of how a Council can help local units, and all their children, to grow and thrive.

Mitzi Epstein, Arizona PTA Vice President says, “This really is a very big deal! — Not only chartering the Council but also creating dialogue with the Tucson Unified School District officials.”

Does your PTA have an elevator speech for school superintendents, district officials, school board members? Is there a continuous dialogue between the school district and PTA about the benefit that PTA brings to the community? What are your goals for connecting not just with parents but with school district leaders?

Arizona PTA has formed a relationship with TUSD that will allow them to continuously inform the administrators and parents in that district the relevance of PTA programs to their children’s success. We all know the value PTA can bring to a home and a school. Let’s be sure we are consistently sharing with key individuals the value that PTA brings to an entire school district.

Keep growing Today’s PTA, one member, one family, one district at a time.

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