Aunt Bebe is working for you…

Dear Ella,

It is hard to imagine that you are now a first grader!  We sometimes talk about all the places that Aunt Bebe goes, but I wonder if you know that all the work that I do is for you, your friends — really all of the children across the United States.  I am just one of millions of voices that are a part of the PTA.  We are moms and dads, grandparents, and yes, aunts and uncles committed to making sure that the schools you attend are the very best they can be for every child no matter if they live in Arkansas or Alaska.

We care deeply – I care – that each of you has the chance for a wonderful education and the opportunity to enjoy a safe and healthy childhood.  PTA, with all of its five million members, has worked for over 100 years to make sure that children not only in America, but around the world have a bright future.  Can you imagine that?  It is hard, isn’t it — to think about so many grownups working every day for you.  You know how much your mother and daddy care for you, but you should also know that many, many other moms and dads care too. We raise our voices in Washington DC, in state capitols, and in cities across the country. We work hard to make important changes, to raise money and make sure that you have the chance to learn as much about art and music as you do about math and English.  Our work is never done, because we want so much for every child.

So, my sweet niece, next time Aunt Bebe is on yet another trip, just remember she is working for you as are those millions of men and women that make the PTA the “voice” speaking for America’s children.

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