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Dear PTA Membership,

I am the PTA membership chair at my son’s elementary school. I’ve been trying really hard to increase our PTA’s meeting attendance, but nothing really seems to work. We hold meetings monthly and I try to ask everyone I know to attend, but the same 5 or 6 people show up all the time. How can I get more people to come to the meetings? We really have a great school and I know they want to be more involved!

Cynthia D. – Lexington, KY

Dear Cynthia,

Getting new faces to attend your meetings isn’t always easy, but here are four quick tips to help you boost your attendance.

  1. Make your meeting date and time visible using physical announcements. Placing PTA posters with your next PTA meeting date, location, and time in highly visible areas parents frequent when visiting your child’s school (next to the front office doorway, school auditorium, and cafeteria areas) is a great way to keep your invitation in front of parents, teachers, and school staff.  Gain the school’s permission to post PTA posters. Local PTA presidents may check with your State PTA office to get a poster if you don’t have one.
  2. Share your PTA meeting on social media. You’re probably already a “friend” or “follower” of many people at your child’s school or in the community. Ask others to share your meeting announcement and link to current online content that will be the focus of your upcoming meeting. For more information on how to connect and engage Today’s PTA member using social media, click here.
  3. Place PTA flier announcements in students’ backpacks. Backpack fliers are still a number one vehicle for distributing messages to parents. Work with your school’s principal to gain permission to do this.
  4. Ask each person attending to bring another attendee. Double your efforts by asking each PTA attendee to bring one additional person with them from their home, the school, or the community.

Best wishes,
The PTA Membership Team


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Joy Lindsey is membership marketing manager for National PTA.  

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