America’s PTA

For over 113 years the PTA has been working hard to meet the needs of families and communities across the nation. As we move forward, we need to ask ourselves some serious questions. Can we expect our association to reflect America’s families if we don’t look like America? Can we afford to keep moving in the same direction?

When PTA was founded the association was made up of mostly white middle-class to upper-class moms who lived in what we would call a suburban community. Today, according to our surveys, the numbers are about the same. Roughly 90% of our members are female, 80% are white, 70% live in suburban communities and over 50% live in households that make over $75,000 annually. America does not look that way. Now let me say right now that we should always honor our past and the dedicated service of those who built PTA into the powerhouse it is today, but in order to remain a leader in the educational community we must expand our reach.

Did you know that today, less than 10% of PTA’s members are male? Did you know that less than 10% are student members? These two facts, along with expanding our reach to all communities, provide PTA some tremendous opportunities. If you agree that we do have exciting opportunities in these areas, then join us in our effort to make our PTA America’s PTA. If not, then why not? Do you see PTA as a relevant resource? Are you helping? If not, why not? We need to know. My e-mail address is We need your feedback.

Over the next several months you will see PTA expanding our efforts in urban and rural communities. We will be working hard to make sure that all moms, dads, adult role models and communities know the great services PTA can provide. PTA has a rich history of great work; now more than ever, our parents, teachers, students and communities need PTA.

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