About One Voice

Welcome to One Voice, the Official Blog of National PTA. A powerful voice for all children, PTA launched this blog as another platform for our leadership, ambassadors, staff and members to share the work they do on behalf of all children. You’ll read about dynamic programs happening at the local level, commentary on news and issues impacting the everyday realities of children, as well as live action from our conventions and events.

More importantly, we welcome your comments. Actually we need your comments and feedback on the blog entries you read. Your voice is a part of ours.

Of course, we ask that you are mindful of this forum as a public space where profanity, obscenity, racial or ethnic slurs and gender insults are strongly prohibited and will not appear in the thread. Please be assured we will not refuse to publish adverse comments about PTA. If you have questions or would like to contact us, please email socialmedia@pta.org.

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