Note from Legislative Committee Chair: Stella Edwards

sedwardsMy earliest memory of parental involvement in PTA advocacy began in second grade. I accompanied my mother to PTA meetings at my segregated elementary school, and listened to groups of parents, teachers and principals organizing at our next door neighbor’s home after school. Over the years I would come to understand that we had a great school, great teachers, and great food freshly prepared on site every day, because of the efforts of adults who cared enough to be the voices for all children. These adults, who were members of the National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers Association, demanded updated new textbooks (not the old books that were being thrown out from other schools), opportunities for upper elementary age students to work at the school during the summer, fulltime crossing guards, and probably many other advantages that we never realized. One lesson that has stuck with me is that a rigorous and world-class education has always been legislated, and that children deserve their human right to high quality education.

The founders of the National Parent Teacher Association established a mission that has transcended class, ethnicity, national origin, and endured for more than a century generations. It is incumbent on members to provide the leadership and direction to advocate for the realization of that mission every day. As the chair of the legislation committee, I am honored to work with a great team of PTA professionals, who share their talents and skills to ensure PTA remains the premiere child advocacy organization in the country. During the next two years we will promote the work of our 54 congresses, increase the advocacy education and training of our members, enhance two-way communications with Federal Legislation Chairs and legislators, develop a collaborative relationship with all committees, and provide states and members the resources they need to be an effective voice for all children.

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Stella Y. Edwards, Chair – Virginia

Stella Y. Edwards is mother, wife, teacher, community organizer, education activist, education consultant, radio talk show host, and former United States Army Officer. Mrs. Edwards has served at many levels within PTA, including President of a local PTA unit, Council President, District Director, Virginia PTA Board of Mangers, State  and Federal Legislation Chair,  various capacities through her eighteen years in the Virginia PTA, and  Member Representative on the National PTA Board of Directors. In addition to her role as National PTA Legislation Committee Chair, she continues to serve her local unit and district. The Legislative Committee serves between 2013-2015.

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