Navigating the School Bus Safety Zone

October is National School Bus Safety Month. Learn more at Teaching students about how to be safe while using school bus transportation is pivotal to reducing the amount of unnecessary injuries and deaths that occur each year. The major problem with school buses are that students that are putting themselves in what are commonly known … [Read More...]


Tips for a Safe (and Fun!) Halloween

Halloween is just a couple days away and your kids are probably still trying to assemble their costumes and follow the latest trends. One of those with potentially scary consequences is the use of non-prescriptive colored contact lenses.  It may seem like a lot of fun to turn your trick-or-treater from an ordinary ghost or goblin into a vampire, a princess with … [Read More...]


Protect Your Child from the Flu

The end of October often means one thing to children and families: Halloween. But it’s hard to enjoy costumes and candy if you’re stuck in bed with the flu. Seasonal influenza usually begins to increase in October, most commonly peaks between December and February, and can continue as late as May. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends … [Read More...]


Learning to Use Technology Like Your Teen

Denise is the Program Manager at the Family Online Safety Institute. Reposted from Now that school is out, turn the tables and let your kids be the teacher. If you are like most parents, you are amazed at how adept your teens and even young kids are at employing all aspects of the latest technologies. How is it that they take to it so quickly … [Read More...]

School Bus Driver

Celebrating School Bus Drivers

October is National School Bus Safety Month. Learn more at The iconic yellow school bus provides many benefits to our nation’s children and to the general public. Those benefits include safety, environmental, economic, energy and academic achievement. The key to the benefits of yellow school bus transportation come in the form of … [Read More...]


Every Child in Focus: Engaging and Supporting Hispanic Families

Tina Hartman is the Fort Wayne Area PTA Council President. Fort Wayne Area PTA Council in Fort Wayne, Indiana had the distinct pleasure of being invited to participate in the 2nd Annual Hispanic Education Fair. The planning committee asked us to provide two 30-minute breakout sessions on PTA and Family Engagement. We were very excited about the prospect because we … [Read More...]