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Celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month Poem

There once was child who sat in class very jaded He was upset at test taking and always being graded. The teacher noticed that he was not the only one All the students in the class did not have much fun. So the teacher began to think about what she should do To get her class to participate and have fun in school, too. She woke up early one morning to start on … [Read More...]


New School Year. New Smart Phone. New Ground Rules.

Co-authored by Hilary Schneider, President of LifeLock, Inc. The start of a new school year comes with new people to meet, new material to learn, new rules to follow and for some kids, new responsibilities like taking care of their first phone or device and diving into a whole new social world online. Today, kids are getting phones at seemingly younger and … [Read More...]


Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline

This week, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan delivered a speech on the need to invest in education instead of prisons to ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential. National PTA has a long history of advocating for policies to prevent children and youth from entering the juvenile justice system and to protect those currently in … [Read More...]


Small, but Mighty Voice for PTA

In towns across America, PTA volunteers are working tirelessly to support their community’s students, faculty and families. National PTA’s Kris Carey Prevatte shares this story of how one small, but mighty PTA in North Dakota—with a highly transient military population—has cracked the code on managing an online fundraiser so their PTA gets the resources they … [Read More...]


Reinventing a Classic: Marbled Tres Leches Cake

During Hispanic Heritage Month—Sept. 15 to Oct. 15—National PTA celebrates the Hispanic child as part of its Every Child in Focus campaign. Here’s a classic dessert favorite from Latin America that you can bake at home. Enjoy! It would seem that each and every single Latin American country claims the tres leches cake as its own. Not only does everyone … [Read More...]


Goodbye Summer Break, Hello ESEA Reauthorization

A few months ago, Congress debated bills in the House and Senate to reauthorize the outdated Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind (ESEA/NCLB). Like public schools across the nation, Congress is back in session, and it is time that the bills be moved forward for reconciliation and then signed into law. And it is imperative that effective, … [Read More...]