Advocate for Quality Physical Education at Your Child’s School

Co-authored by Georgi Roberts, MS. Students learn long division and WWII history, but do they know how to properly nourish their bodies and maintain healthy fitness levels? As a parent, you are in the prime position to advocate for your child’s overall health and well-being during the school day. Quality physical education (QPE) programs are essential to … [Read More...]

Thanksgiving Safety

How to Safely Celebrate this Thanksgiving

If Thanksgiving’s about anything, it’s food. Whether your holiday table features the traditional turkey-and-mashed-potatoes fare or any one of endless cultural and health-related variations on that theme, American kitchens are busy places on the fourth Thursday in November. Amid the hustle and bustle of chopping and stirring, basting and baking, take time to … [Read More...]

Ambitious Transition

Ambitious Transition

“Raising the bar” for competitive high jumpers reduces the number of athletes who make it over the bar on their first try. Just so, “raising the academic bar” will result, at first, in fewer students who are designated as proficient. Expectations are higher but we can be confident that as the teachers become more adept at teaching to higher standards and as … [Read More...]

Giving Tuesday Blog Carousel

#GivingTuesday: Help Make Every Child’s Dream a Reality

The holiday season is a time of hustle and bustle – bargain hunting, shopping for the perfect gifts and spending hours cooking, decorating and preparing for guests. The season also is a time of thanksgiving and for giving back. We’re all familiar with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but have you heard of #GivingTuesday? December 2, the Tuesday following Black … [Read More...]

Cover Your Ears

Cover Your Ears: A Journey to Healthier Lifestyles

A couple of years ago, when I was attending our PTA meetings I would often hear, “April, cover your ears,” when the conversation was talking about candy or other junk food at our events. Our PTA Board and members knew I worked on projects related to nutrition and physical activity as part of my work with the Healthy By Design Coalition. Over time, this has evolved … [Read More...]


Reviewing the Stats: How Parents Fare with Online Safety Efforts

On November 12, I had the pleasure of attending the Family Online Safety Institute’s (FOSI) annual conference themed “Redefining Online Safety.” Technology today is dramatically different than it was just a short time ago. Virtually everything is done online or via smartphones and/or tablets. And when it comes to youth, their eyes are always fixed on a … [Read More...]