New Civil Rights Data Collection Survey Highlights Need for Improvement

The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) recently released the results of the 2013-2014 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) survey. This report features information about how students are treated at school and highlights several key issues that affect a child’s ability to learn, such as chronic absenteeism, restraint and seclusion … [Read More...]

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Summer Tips for Incoming PTA Leaders

Summer vacation is here! While these months can be filled with road trips to the beach, summer camps, long nights and lots of “R&R” time—summer is also an opportunity to plan a smooth transition into the upcoming school year. Just as teachers must plan the next school year’s curriculum, PTA leaders have an assignment of their own, too. At the end of … [Read More...]

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Be a Summer Meals Champion!

It’s that time of year: Teachers have wrapped up their lesson plans, students have all handed in their finals, the physical education department has packed away the sports equipment and the school nutrition staff have hung up their aprons. Summer is here! For many, the final toll of the school bell is full of promise. Days spent splashing around the pool, riding … [Read More...]

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4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Engaged This Summer

Summer break is an important time for children to bond with family and friends, participate in enriching outdoor activities and enjoy a break from school. But while enjoying the free time and taking advantage of all the season has to offer, it is essential that children do not take a break from learning. Research shows that children experience learning loss when … [Read More...]


Summer Trends: What to Wear at the Reflections Celebration

Have you ever dreamed of living the life of a red carpet celebrity? Or are you just in need of a nice night out on the town? If so, and you’re a passionate PTA member or honored student, you are welcome to attend the National PTA Awards & Reflections Celebration. At this year’s award's celebration, all guests will be greeted by taking a walk on our red … [Read More...]


6 Things to Do in Orlando During #PTAcon16

PTA leaders, parents and education and industry experts from across the nation will come together in Orlando, Fla. for the Think BIG… Think PTA! 2016 National PTA Convention & Expo June 30 to July 3. Why not plan your family vacation with us at the same time? Orlando is a great city—full of fun, warm weather and family-friendly activities. We want you to … [Read More...]