When is it too late?

Not too long ago you and I had a brief discussion about why today’s youth are being so hateful towards each other. I feel I must re-visit the topic, and will continue to do so, until we have a broader conversation about bullying and prevention. This is a serious subject; we have children losing their lives over what other children see as harmless actions.

At least two high profile court cases have been introduced in recent days regarding this very topic. Major publications are reporting these tragic events. High profile celebrities and elected officials are calling for action. So my question is this: “Parents, are you seeing this?”

Parents, teachers and families are the front line observers in the battle. Yes, a battle for the safety of our children. With the rise of this issue, with the tragedy we see more often than not and the increased reports of horrible actions taken by children against children, I am beginning to wonder who in the world is watching?

We all have seen, or remember, the kid who always gets his or her way at home and believes that with that embolden spirit they can be held harmless at school. One action leads to another and the rest is history. My friends; as parents, teachers and families we need to take action before this battle becomes an uncontrollable war.

Parents: please engage your children and let them know how wrong bullying can be. Support schools that work towards bullying prevention and help create programs for bullying prevention where they do not exist. Teachers: help parents understand what they can do to help you identify this issue. Help parents understand what you see every day. Families: do not be afraid to seek assistance from the school, medical officials or law enforcement if needed.

These are bold comments but we are fastly getting to a point that if we do not address this problem it may just be our child, or a neighbor’s child, on the front page next.

Support resources can be found by going to http://www.pta.org/bullying.asp
Until next time.

Charles “Chuck” Saylors, president-National PTA