Vacation and Read Together—Take the Family Reading Challenge!

We’ve followed a boy who lives within the gears of a train station clock. Run with a boy turned superhero when struck by lightning. Solved puzzling cases with kids in a mysterious society. Cheered on a would-be prince restored to his throne. Cried through a first-love trip to Amsterdam. Looked for the lost class guinea pig with twin sisters. We’ve done all of … [Read More...]


“Girl Meets World” Actor Auggie Maturo’s Mom Opens Up About his Food Allergies

(Sponsored Post) Greetings! I am Maha Maturo. You may know my son, Auggie, from his role on “Girl Meets World.” Together, we recently joined Mylan on an important initiative to share our personal story about a topic that affects Auggie and undoubtedly many people in your community: potentially life-threatening (severe) allergies. Like an estimated one in … [Read More...]


Enjoy Your Time in Charlotte!

Co-authored by Catherine Llamido and media relations intern Jessica Burton. This year’s National PTA Convention & Expo will be held on June 25-28 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte is home to many cultural, entertaining and fun attractions for all ages. If you have some free time outside of #PTAconv15, take a cab or hop on the LYNX—it’s time to go on … [Read More...]


ESEA Reauthorization Needs Stronger Family Engagement Provisions

Last week, the education magazine Education Week published an article on the rise of family engagement as a priority for schools and districts across the country. The article spotlights states and districts in which family engagement initiatives are part of long-term, integrated and high-impact strategies to bolster student achievement. It is an important piece to … [Read More...]

National PTA staff members show their support for gun violence prevention by wearing orange apparel on June 2.

Wear Orange: First Annual National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Every student deserves to learn and grow in an environment that is safe. Sadly, the threat of violence for students – including gun violence – has grown across the country. To raise awareness of the issue and the importance of preventing and eliminating gun violence in schools and communities, June 2 marked the first annual National Gun Violence Awareness Day. As … [Read More...]


Student Data Privacy Legislation

Many states have passed laws or introduced bills regarding this important issue for parents and kids.  Most of the laws and bills focus on third party vendor restrictions on using student data for commercial purposes, such as advertising to kids, selling data or creating non-education related profiles.  Typically, the burden of administering the privacy protections … [Read More...]