Jose Antonio Tijerino

Supporting Refugees through the READ Program

National PTA board member Antonio Tijerino, who is also the CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF), was recently involved in an outreach event that led a group of humanitarian advocates to work with a shelter in McAllen, TX, in support of unaccompanied minors from Central America including Actress America Ferrera through an effort titled READ (Refugee … [Read More...]


ENGAGE! In Partnerships for Student Success

Partnerships are a critical factor in student success. Unfortunately, we live in a world where there are often significant disparities in education funding, facilities, and instructional resources. While many communities have mobilized and advocated for education equity, we aren’t there yet. That’s why it’s so important for families, communities, and schools to … [Read More...]


Reflections: A Gallery of 2013-2014 Student Art

Since 1969, the PTA Reflections program has encouraged students across the nation and in American schools overseas to explore their creativity. Each year, students in preschool through high school are invited to create and submit works of art in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and the visual arts. In the … [Read More...]


New Issue of Our Children Focuses on Back to School and Membership Strategies

As another school year approaches, Our Children magazine is getting back to PTA. The August/September issue of Our Children provides a toolkit with tips and helpful hints to assist with getting your PTA off to a great start in order to make your year great. With topics such as advocacy, fundraising and programs, you are sure to find all the information you need to … [Read More...]


IRS Releases Shorter, Easier Tax-Exempt Status Form

We are pleased to share with you that after National PTA’s extensive effort to advocate for an easier process for small charities applying for and reinstating 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, the IRS has delivered Form 1023-EZ. Unlike the original 26-page Form 1023, the new Form 1023-EZ, which is available as of July 1, is a mere three pages. The IRS estimates that as … [Read More...]


Worlds Collide: The PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships Meet Beyond the Bake Sale

If you’ve ever experienced a National PTA Annual Convention, you know it’s an exciting time when parent leaders from around the world meet to learn from experts as well as each other. This year’s convention was no exception! I spent a great deal of time in the Social Media Lounge engaging with many educators and parent leaders about the exciting programs … [Read More...]