Creating A Stronger School Wellness Policy at Northmont Elementary with Fire Up Your Feet

Reposted from the Fire Up Your Feet Blog One of the fun things about starting down the path to school wellness is that each step leads you to new discoveries and ideas for creating a healthy, active school. For Iris Hix, a parent at Northmont Elementary School in La Mesa, CA (outside of San Diego), it all started when she learned about her school receiving a Safe … [Read More...]

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I Love It Because It’s Built By Me

A few weeks before school started, my daughter and I were shopping and she wanted to buy a few items that she dubbed “fancy things.” This included some colorful tape, glitter glue, nice paper and some pom pom balls. We got home and I watched as she immersed herself in the art-making process. Her brow furrowed as she intently used the glitter glue. She pulled … [Read More...]

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The Art of Welcoming All Families

If you were to paint a picture representing how you felt the first time you entered your child’s school building, what would it look like? Go ahead, take a minute to draw a picture of the feelings you had when you entered the building. We’re serious, go ahead and grab a crayon or marker from your kids’ excessive crayon collection or a trusty pen from that … [Read More...]

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Show Your Support for Future Ready Districts

The Office of Educational Technology recently launched the Future Ready District Pledge, which establishes a framework for districts to achieve the goals laid out in President Obama’s ConnectED Initiative and commits districts to move as quickly as possible toward our shared vision of preparing students for success in college, careers and citizenship. Goals of the … [Read More...]


How Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest Helped My School

Midtown West is almost an oxymoron: we’re a tight-knit community smack dab in the center of the universe, or as the world would say, Times Square in New York City. As principal of this amazing school, I never could have imagined what happened when I crossed paths with one of our students. Almost a year ago now, I had a bright, young student named Arden come to me … [Read More...]


How to Start the School Year Off Strong

You are your family’s CEO. No, not Chief Executive Officer (although you may be that too) - I’m talking about Chief Education Officer. CEOs take primary responsibility for their children’s academic success.  CEOs engage actively in their children’s academics and want to create a long-term plan for their kids’ education. CEOs take advantage of advice and … [Read More...]