6 Things to Do in Orlando During #PTAcon16

PTA leaders, parents and education and industry experts from across the nation will come together in Orlando, Fla. for the Think BIG… Think PTA! 2016 National PTA Convention & Expo June 30 to July 3. Why not plan your family vacation with us at the same time? Orlando is a great city—full of fun, warm weather and family-friendly activities. We want you to … [Read More...]

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End Bullying From #Day1

According to StopBullying.gov, an average of 49% of youth in grades 4-12 are bullied (there is also bullying in preschool-grade 3). More than 70% of youth have witnessed bullying in their schools. Sadly, the old adage “Sticks and stones….” is a falsehood. The effects of bullying can lead to poor academic performance, depression and physical issues. This is an … [Read More...]


Consider a “Digital Diet” for Your Family

As tablets, smartphones and other personal technology devices play an increasingly dominant role in all of our lives, finding a good balance seems to be a tricky endeavor in many American households. Both parents and teens log more than five hours a day on their devices (outside of work and school), often during family dinners and while spending leisure time together. … [Read More...]

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Child Nutrition Bill to be Debated in House Education Committee

It’s just common sense: healthy students make better learners, and school meals are an opportunity for children to receive more than half of their daily nutrient needs. Ensuring children have access to nutritious foods in schools is critical to their success. The U.S. House of Representatives’ Education and the Workforce Committee will hold a markup of the … [Read More...]


Combating Sexual Harassment in Schools

As parents, we worry. It’s in our nature. Our kids’ very first day of school marks a milestone that signals the beginning of their academic career—a journey we are prepared to take with them. We relax as the days become weeks, months and years, but then that nagging anxiety begins to creep back in when our child is on the doorstep of high school. Pushing … [Read More...]


Lysol Helps Parents and Teachers Create a Healthy Classroom

Lysol is a financial sponsor of National PTA and has been invited to submit a blog post as part of their engagement with PTA. National PTA does not endorse any commercial entity, product or service, and no endorsement is implied by this content. Implement Healthy Habits for a Successful School Year Did you know that 38 million school days each year are missed … [Read More...]