Tips You Need to Keep Kids Safe Online

Keeping your kids safe in the age of continuous internet access and social media is tougher than ever these days. My wife and I work in information security, but even we struggle to keep up with evolving technology, so staying safe online is a frequent dinner topic in our family. With new websites and apps coming out every day, it's easy to see how parents can feel … [Read More...]


Is Your Child’s School Healthy?

As a parent, there are many factors to consider when assessing your child’s school…teacher/student ratio, curriculum, facilities, location and more. These are all undoubtedly critical components to a quality education, but have you considered whether your child’s school is a healthy school? What does it mean to be a healthy school? Take a look at my … [Read More...]


How to Protect Your Child from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

To commemorate Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Awareness Month, National PTA has invited Michele Snyder, executive director of Parent Heart Watch, to share how you can protect your child and raise awareness.  I was recently interviewed by The Today Show and was asked if there were any positives that have come out of the loss of my 17-year old daughter Jenny to sudden … [Read More...]

Group of Multiethnic People Studying About Teamwork

The Journey to Becoming a School of Excellence!

When a school and its PTA make a joint decision to become a National PTA School of Excellence, they are making a commitment to work together as a team to build effective family-school partnerships in their school community. There are three important steps on the journey to becoming a School of Excellence. Step 1. Enroll Step 2. Complete the family … [Read More...]


All PTA Members Have an Obligation to Vote in Elections

“The vote is precious. It is almost sacred. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society and we’ve got to use it.” –Congressman John Lewis Every day, throughout this nation and overseas, PTA members are hard at work, striving to better the lives of all children. Collectively, our non-partisan voices have made a positive impact … [Read More...]

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Engaging Parents in 21st Century Classrooms

This blog was originally published on P21's Blogazine. Let’s face it—classrooms are very different today than when most of us were in school. Smart boards have replaced chalkboards and projectors. Computers, tablets and smartphones are increasingly being used instead of paper, pencils and books. Technology and the internet have created countless new … [Read More...]